Business Personal Property Forms

Select the business personal property form you need from the following list.  For more information​, read the Assessor's business personal property information page.


   E-File your Business Property Statement​ January 24 - June 7​.

   SDR Taxpayer M​anual

Unsecured Address Change Form

   Unsecured Account and Mailing Address Change Form ​

Business Personal Property Forms 

Form # Form Name​
2024 Busi​​ness Proper​ty Statement​​​
​571-L Instructions
Business Property Statement Guidelines
​571-L Schedule Leased Equipment ​Schedule of Le​ased Equipment​​
​Alternate S​chedule A for Bank​​
Supplem​ental Schedule​​ Acquisitions and Disposals​​​​
​571-RApartment House St​atement​
​571-A​Agricultura​l Stat​ement​​​​​​
​571-F2Registered and Show Horses
​571-J1Annual Report of Boarded Racehorses​
​577Aircraft Property Statement
​576-DVessel Prope​rty Statement​
​VORVessel Owner's Report
Annual Racehorse Tax Return
2024 ​Factor Tables
Factor Tables​​​​​​​
​2023 Business Property Statement
​​2022 Business Property Statement


2021 Busines​s Property Statement
2020 Business Pr​o​perty Statement​​​
2019 Business Property Statement​