Fees 2020-21 Assessment Roll

Assessor’s data is compiled and intended for assessment purposes only. It should not be relied upon in any legal document or official matter.  Assessor’s information is provided “as is” without an implied warranty of any kind. Purchased data may not be returned for refund.​


  • The charges below were established by Board of Supervisors Resolution # 94-0160 on February 8, 1994.
  • The general public has access to any data included on the Assessment Roll.
  • Those records considered to be confidential are available only to the property owner or authorized agent (with an original letter of authorization signed by the property owner.)

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Assessor’s Parcel Maps​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Assessor’s parcel maps are available for viewing in our lobby using the self-service computers.​

Individual map​



Weekly map update subscription, ​per map


Quarterly map update subscription, per map​


Bulk order, entire county (cities, unincorporated)
or Tax Rate Area maps, $1.75 per map x 9,860 maps)​


Index Map (29” x 54” showing map book references for entire county)​


Electronic Data in CD Format​​

​​View the Secured Assessment Roll Data Layout and Unsecured Roll Data Layout​ to see what information is included on the CD.

The Secured Roll, Unsecured Roll and Property Characteristics files are updated each July.

  • The 2020/21 Secured Assessment Roll includes 481,212 parcels.
  • The 2020/21 Unsecured Roll includes 33,533 business parcels.
  • The Building Characteristics file contains 420,019 residential parcels.

Secured Assessment Roll
CD copy of entire file ($0.0030 per parcel)​



Unsecured Assessment Roll  
CD copy of entire file ($0.0030 per parcel)​


Legal Description
CD copy of entire legal description file ($0.0050 per parcel)
File contains approximately 473,683 descriptions​


CD copy of short legal description file ($.0050 per parcel)  
File contains approximately 383,523 descriptions.​



Property Characteristics File
CD copy of entire file ($0.0750 per parcel)​


Change in Ownership – 2 Year Transfer List (Recorder’s Index)  
Data updated monthly.  This file includes approximately 124,896 parcels ($.0030 per parcel).


Transfer information may be viewed at no charge using
the Assessor’s Office self-service public lobby computers. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Other Fees​

Clerical Services and Research (Limited research with prior approval required)​


 per hour​

Certification of Assessor’s Records​

per 1-5 pages​

Returned Check Fee​


Postage & Handling​

per 1-10 pages​

Subdivision Index Book (Per copy. Data updated each July)​


Assessor’s Land Use Code Index (Per copy)​


Tax Guarantee Estimate Recalculation
(If prior tax estimate is more than 60 days old.)​


Subpoena for Records and/or Appearance

  • A $150 deposit must be provided at the time of service
    if an appearance at trial is required by the Assessor’s Custodian of Records.
  • An hourly fee (approximately $56.00) will be charged for the actual hours spent at trial (including travel time.)
  • Standard copy, certification and mailing charges apply.
  • A $39.00 per hour clerical fee is added for all research and processing associated with a 
    Subpoena for Records.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​