Sacramento County Assessor's College Student Intern Program

Provisional Request Form (Application)

Student Intern Proof of Enrollment Form 

​Student Intern Program​

The student intern program provides early training for career-minded college students seeking employment in the fields of real estate appraisal and property tax, or business auditing and accounting.  The program is used as a tool for recruitment and early staff development for working in the Assessor’s office.  Student interns may work one year after graduation and up to a maximum of 3 years in the internship program

We Offer:
The following levels of employment and compensation (subject to change)​:

  • Sophomore Student Intern      $16.70 hourly 
  • Junior Student Intern               $17.55 hourly 
  • Senior Student Intern**            $18.43 hourly​​​
**Must provide documentation of status as senior enrollment.

  • Flexible schedules and valuable experience.
  • During the school term Student Interns may work up to 24 hours per week.
  • During school vacation/break, or up to one year after graduation, Student Interns may work up to 40 hours per week.
  • Exposure to the real property appraisal and auditing process for California’s property tax system.
  • Opportunities to experience the inner workings of local government.
  • Real-world, hands-on training in specific areas of appraisal and taxation.
  • A valuable addition to your resume and a potential job reference.
  • Important job contacts (many of our interns are later hired as permanent employees in this office).
  • Possible work experience class credit for some college/university classes.

 See If You Qualify and Submit Your Application

  • Review the minimum qualifications and job specifications below if you think you qualify or will qualify soon. 
  • Complete the Provisional Request​ Form​ Application (PRF).  Make sure you initial sections a) through g)​ of the application form.
  • Once the PRF application is completely filled out, attach an original copy of the student intern proo​f of enrollment form. You cannot be hired until you submit an original Proof of Enrollment signed by the registrar.
  • You may attach a resume.

Mail completed Provisional Request application form along with original copy of Proof of Enrollment to:
      Assessor's Student Intern Coordinator
      Sacramento County Assessor's Office
      3636 American River Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95864-5952
(Or fax the application to (916) 875-0765)  

Assessor's Student Int​ern Job Specifications 

Minimum Qualifications

Student Interns: ​​​​

  • Appointment to this class is restricted to students enrolled full-time* in an accredited technical school, junior college, or four-year college or university. Incumbent curriculum must lead to a program certificate, Associate's, Bachelor's, or advanced degree in Business Administration, Accountancy, or a related course of study.
  • Applicants must be of sophomore standing or above and provide proof of the completion of 30 semester or 45 quarter units. 

 *full time enrollment is the unit load that the school you are attending considers full time enrollment.
Senior Student Interns: 

  • Must meet the requirements of a Student Intern (above) and completion of the junior curriculum (i.e. must be at full-time senior).
  • Applicant must provide proof of the completion of 90 semester or 135 quarter units.

All Student Interns:

  • Must possess a valid California driver's license, provide an automobile and proof of legally mandated minimum auto insurance coverage (vehicle use will be compensated on a per mile basis).
  • Must be able to perform basic mathematical computations quickly and accurately.  Must be able to write clearly, concisely and legibly. Must be able to represent the Assessor's Office while in contact with the public. Must be able to work in the field without direct supervision.
  • Candidates should have an interest in real estate appraisal, accounting, or property taxation fields.


Student Interns assist Assessor’s staff in the enrollment and valuation of real and personal property. Work will include but not be limited to: building measurements, scale drawing preparation, gathering and recording construction details, construction cost estimation, analysis of questionnaires, property statements, analysis of legal descriptions, official surveys and recorded map information, and a variety of other data collection activities.

Job Specifications:

  • Pay Deductions - Known contributions are: State & Federal Tax; 3.75% retirement contribution (mandatory, see below); 1.45% Medicare; State Disability Insurance.
  • Maximum Work Hours - During the school term up to 24 hours per week. During school vacation/break, or up to one year after graduation, work up to 40 hours per week.​
  • Retirement Contribution - Mandatory 3.75 % of pay, (refunded 45 days after termination upon request).
  • Deferred Compensation 457 Plan available (voluntary participation).
  • Employment Period - Hires may continue their internship for up to one year after graduation, if performance is satisfactory and funding available, not to exceed 3 years in total.
  • Drivers License - Valid California drivers’ license required.
  • Vehicle Use & Insurance - Interns may be required to use a vehicle to perform job duties.  This requires that they have automobile driver’s insurance. They will receive county-offered defensive driver training (when available), and will primarily use Official County Vehicles in the course of their work.  If an Official County Vehicle is unavailable, Interns may supply their own vehicle, if it is proven to be insured to at least the minimum levels required by California law.  Use of two wheeled vehicles (motorcycles or mopeds) is strictly prohibited.​
  • Dress - Interns are expected to maintain a neat appearance and dress in a manner consistent with other business professions that deal directly with the public. Casual dress is acceptable and ties are not required. 


  • Mileage Reimbursement - Reimbursed monthly, at the federal mileage reimbursement rates.
  • Work Materials - will be supplied by employer, however, we advise the intern to provide hand-held calculators with which they are comfortable.
  • Parking - Parking is free.

Import Note:   These specifications are subject to change without notice and we cannot guarantee their accuracy.  Starting date is unknown and depends upon turnover in existing staff. Typically, positions become available on a regular, ongoing basis. If there are no positions available when you apply, your application will be kept on file and considered for future openings. 

For questions contact:

Vicki Lowrey, Student Intern Coordinator - Valuation
LowreyV@saccoun​​ or phone (916) 876-6816​​​​​​​