E-file Your Business Property Statement

No new software or filing fee is required to use e-SDR​

​Small business filers can e-file Business Property Statements on-line, quickly and easily, using the e-SDR system. The e-SDR system is a component of the SDR network that was launched in 2005 for large business filers. The benefits and convenience of electronic filing are now available to businesses of all sizes.​

Small Business Filers: 

  • If your business has one or just a few locations you are encouraged to use e-SDR to e-file Forms 571-L, 571-R, and 571-A. Each of these statements is completed independently merely by answering questions and filling in the blanks. The system does all the calculations for you. If you are interrupted before finishing, you can save the statement and come back to complete it later. After submitting your statement(s), you will receive a confirmation number with a time and date stamp validating your submittal. Next year, you will only need to enter changes since the system saves your information from year to year.

Large Business Filers: 

  • If your business has multiple locations in one or more counties, you are encouraged to use the SDR network to submit statements (data files), all in one upload. Programming or special software is required to create SDR data files in the approved XML schema. SDR users are required to register on-line at www.ca​lbpsfile.org. To request a copy of the XML schema, print and submit a Schema Request Form from the links menu on the www.calbpsfile.org homepage.
  • ​Filing instructions, help screens and reference material are provided for SDR and e-SDR at www.calbpsfile.org. Filers using e-SDR can print a completed Form 571 with schedules, filing confirmation, and the exact time and date when it was submitted. Statements are stored on-line for seven (7) years, so you can print a copy whenever you need one. Access to your e-SDR statement(s) is protected by the personal Account Number and Business Identification Number (BIN) assigned to each user, and access to SDR statements is protected by the Login ID and Password assigned to each SDR user. Statements for both e-SDR and SDR users are encrypted and transmitted on a secured site to protect confidential information.

Start Filing e-SDR:

  • Go on-line to www.calbpsfile.org​, ​Enter your Account Number (which is your parcel number) and Business ID Number (BIN), printed on the top/right side of the statement directly under the parcel number. If you have moved or have a name change prior to January 1, please call our office at (916) 875-0730, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and we will update your information and re-issue you an account number and BIN number.​