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*** Public Service Announcement ***

The Assessor's Office is Moving to 

3636 American River Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95864


SACRAMENTO, CA ---On April 20, 2021, Sacramento County Assessor Christina Wynn announced that the Office of the Assessor is moving to 3636 American River Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA  95864.  The Assessor's Office lobby is located on the second floor and free parking is availabl​​​​​​e.

The move will occur in phases over the next few weeks, beginning April 23, 2021.  Due to move logistics, staff will not be available to assist customers on Friday, April 23, 2021.  The Assessor's Office will reopen to assist customers by phone and email on Monday, April 26, 2021. 

In-person customer service is available by appointment only. To schedule an in-person appointment, call (916) 875-0700, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm or email the request to assessor@saccounty.net.  To assist with scheduling, please include name, property address or parcel number, reason for appointment, and contact information.  Staff will respond with appointment availability within one business day. COVID safety protocols remain in place. 

Please visit our website at www.assessor.saccounty.net​ for more information.

​You can also send mail to:          

Sacramento County Assessor's Office

3636 American River Drive, Suite 200

Sacramento, CA  95864-5952​


Online Self-Help Resources – www.assessor.saccounty.net  - Our website provides valuable information and resources, including downloadable Assessor Forms.  If you need help finding what you are looking for, please call us at (916) 875-0700.

For Businesses - Business property statements have been mailed.  SDR/eSDR electronic filing services are available.  Businesses can also send filings by mail. Although the filing deadline, as required by the Revenue and Taxation code, is May 7, 2021, the deadline has been extended to May 10, 2021 due to appointment only office access.  Statements filed after May 10, 2021 will incur a penalty.  This page will be updated if the Board of Equalization or legislature allows a variance to this legal requirement.

If you have a question regarding the filing requirements, please e-mail PPDutyApr@SacCounty.net .  Phone messages can be left on (916) 875-0730.  Responses to phone messages could take up to 24 hours depending on the volume of call activity.  Please include the parcel number and account information of the account you are questioning when sending in a request. 

For Exemptions – to file a claim, please mail your application to the address above.  If it is time sensitive, please make an in person appointment.  If you have questions, please contact the appropriate unit by phone or email:

Disabled Veterans' Exemption

(916) 875-0720
Email: ASR-DisabledVetExemptions@saccounty.net

Homeowner's Exemption
(916) 875-0710
Email: ASR-HomeownersExemptions@saccounty.net

Non-Profit or Institutional Exemptions
(916) 875-0720
Email: ASR-InstitutionalExemptions@saccounty.net

Exemption Forms List.   

Exclusions - to file for an exclusion, please mail your application to the address above.  If it is time sensitive, please make an in person appointment.  If you have questions, please contact the Property Transfer Section at (916) 875-0750 or by email at assessor@saccounty.net.

Proposition 19

Exclusion Forms List

Parcel Information – Assessor Parcel Viewer

Assessed Value Lookup – If you would like to review the current assessed value of your property, please visit our web page:  Assessed Value Look-up

To have your assessed value reviewed – Request for Val​​ue Review

Pending Assessment Appeals – the Assessment Appeals Board manages this function.  Please visit their website at Assessment Appeals Board for more information.  If you have already filed an appeal and would like to discuss the valuation of your property, please call us at (916) 875-0700 and we will connect you with the appropriate staff.

Online property tax bill information - visit the Tax Collector's site at https://eproptax.saccounty.gov.

Our goal is to continue to serve you with professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

​New Sacramento County Assessor's Office Location

3636 American River Drive, Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Sacramento, CA 95864-5952
(South side of American River Drive, east of Watt Avenue, north of Hwy 50)​