Builders Inventory Exclusion

Are you building for resale?

If you are building for resale and meet the qualifications below, please complete the application for a Builder's Inventory Exclusion (BIX) and promptly send it to the Assessor's office at the address below.

A Builder's Inventory Exclusion eliminates​ the supplemental assessments associated with the new construction. It significantly reduces the complications and confusion that supplemental assessments can create for both you and especially your buyer.


  • You must own the property
  • You intend to sell the property after completing new construction 
    (new construction includes site  improvements and structures).
  • You notify the Assessor's Office of this intention before or within 30 days of the start of construction.

For further information please contact:

Sacramento County Assessor's Office
3636 American River Drive, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95864-5952
Phone: (916) 875-0700
Email: ​